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From psychmethods

The psychmethods-Wiki is intended to make lecture notes and further information related to methods for psychological research available. The Wiki is maintained by Sebastian Jentschke who also created most of the lecture notes (if lecture notes have another author, this is mentioned on the title page of those slides). The materials are licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License CC-BY-NC 4.0.

If you use material from this Wiki, please use the following citations:

Jentschke, S. (2020, December 14). Psychological Methods. UiB-Wiki.

Jentschke, S. (2020, December 14). Analysis of Variance [Lecture notes]. UiB-Wiki. (if a date is given on the slides) OR

Jentschke, S. (n.d.). Analysis of Variance [Lecture notes]. UiB-Wiki. Retrieved December 14, 2020, from (if no data is given on the slides)

Please double-check the date of the last change of the web page / date on the slides and adjust the year in the citation accordingly.